George Soros Gives Big To The Hilary Clinton Campaign

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been filling column inches and air time for major news networks and organizations since 2015, with campaign finances being an area of much discussion over the course of the current election cycle. Some candidates have been looking to self fund their campaign or allow the general public to make small donations as many have looked to change the way politics are completed in the U.S. Politico reports former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has sought a more traditional approach to campaign financing that includes seeking the assistance of hedge fund billionaire George Soros.

George Soros has been a major political donor for a number of election cycles, but many Democrat’s in senior positions believed the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor had turned his back on political donating after his failure to back the reelection campaign of President Barrack Obama in 2012. The man who many believe takes the credit for breaking the Bank of England in 1992 has recently been more focused on his own charitable program, The Open Society Foundations, than political giving; Soros uses this foundation in his bid to bring the ideology of democracy and freedom to those trapped in closed societies. The campaign of George Soros as a political activist began with his decision to provide educational opportunities to those robbed of their human rights by the Apartheid policy in South Africa, The Open Society Foundations reports.

George Soros has been courted by many of the Super PAC organizations backing Hilary Clinton for the Presidency, and has now decided to throw his financial backing behind the Priorities USA group; this Super PAC is the largest supporting former First Lady Clinton in her campaign and hopes to continue providing support throughout the upcoming election cycle.
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Hilary Clinton has recently been praised by George Soros for putting aside any issues that may have existed between the pair after the 2008 election and providing him with an open door to discuss policy. Senior Democrat’s have been pleased to see the return of George Soros to political giving after his 2015 donations to Super PAC’s supporting Hilary Clinton were reported to have totaled around $8 million; $1 million of these donations have been given to a second Clinton supporting Super PAC, and a further $7 million to the Priorities USA group. As an increasingly bitter election campaign seems to be heading towards a run off between Clinton and Republican real estate mogul Donald Trump meaning the ongoing support of major donors like George Soros will prove important to the chances of Hilary Clinton becoming the first female U.S. President.

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Finding a Place for You and Your Organization on Wikipedia

In a recent article for the Times Higher Education, ( author Chris Havergal reported on a radical new tack taken by the University of Sydney in regard to that traditional bane of academics, Wikipedia. For decades, professors have told their students to avoid using Wikipedia pages for research, claiming that the information found there was unreliable and untrustworthy. But considering that university students are for the most part millennials, born into the digital age and having cut their teeth on the internet, it may be time to rethink that attitude toward Wikipedia. Instead of shunning the online encyclopedia, volunteers can make Wikipedia revisions and constantly upgraded and internally corrected, the Sydney professors have begun asking their students to become proactive in improving and enhancing the articles it contains, and to submit their own researched essays to increase Wikipedia’s range. The experiment seems to be working, as students see themselves part of an active online community that is contributing substantially to Wikipedia page creation and distribution of knowledge in a format they appreciate and trust.

The University of Sydney’s experiment with Wikipedia worked because of the intrinsic nature of the site. Launched officially in 2001, the online reference work appears in a number of world languages, is funded by the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation, and is free of charge for all who have computer access: hence its incredible popularity, appearing on the first page of nearly every Google search. Because of its popularity, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals have significant motivation to create a Wikipedia page in order to disseminate information about themselves quickly and easily. When customers or clients want to find out more about a groups or a person, the presence of such a page on Wikipedia is going to generate confidence, build trust, and accelerate the speed of contact.

But Wikipedia has clear and precise policies about what it will and won’t accept for its site. Individuals can try to make a Wiki page if they are sufficiently familiar with these policies. But, as mentioned at Get Your Wiki, the best and easiest way to create a reliable wiki for oneself or one’s organization really amounts to hire a Wikipedia editor, someone who truly knows the policies and who can communicate effectively with readers seeking information in a style and format to which they’ll respond. The page these professional Wikipedia editors for hire create is going to be one that literally goes down in history, stored on the popular site and ready of instant access when needed.

QNET Involved In Charity Efforts

One of the most respected companies in Asia is continuing a long tradition of helping provide assistance to poor students in India. QNET, a company that specializes in direct selling methods that rely on direct selling via internet methods, has worked to help create a well known campaign called We Care. We Care is all about providing help for those who really need it where it will do the most good. In their latest effort, they are involved in helping to provide a much needed water storage facility for use of those who are attending a Government Primary School in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Working with a branch of the Lions Club headquartered in Hyderabad, QNET officials are aiming to help will help offer safe drinking water for nearly a thousand students attending the school.

What They Hope To Accomplish

Officials at the company are hoping to make sure ensure that this school has the best possible sanitation and health facilities that allow students to be able to have access to safe drinking water and places to wash up safely. The efforts that QNET officials are planning go hand in hand with efforts in the rest of the region to offer students and other residents access to water for clean hygiene. Those at QNET are proud to be partnering with the Lions Club in order to help give students the kind of access they need to clean water to make their lives better.

Their Philosophies

Those at QNET are driven by two basic philosophies that are aimed at helping their sales force and their customers have better lives. The Raise Yourself to Help Mankind idea is all about being part of a bigger and better community. The InService ideal aims to help people learn to to giveback to their communities. They are attempting to follow in the steps of famed Indian guru Gandhi. QNET officials have been heavily involved in initiatives such as United Nations Global Compact Network. The Network is all about making the world a better place.

Helping Those Who Need Help

They want to do everything they can to help those who really need help in any way. This is one of many reasons why company officials have worked on such charity efforts. They know that clients rely on them to provide them with guidance and assistance in making the world better than they found it.
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It Does Your Body Good!

Many people suffer from what I like to call, morning syndrome. Early mornings can suck! You feel groggy and are unable to function correctly. I have a solution for all of you suffering out there! The answer is Organo Gold coffee and tea! I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t your everyday typical cup of coffee or tea. What if I told you, this coffee is actually good for you? What if I told you that these drinks are infused with a Chinese herb that is over 4000 years old? Well, it is! This herb has been creating healthier individuals for over 4,000 years!

Let me get right to it. When you consume your choice of the coffee or tea, it increases oxygen delivery, provides you with energy, gives you healthier and clearer skin, improves body healing capacity and enhances your immune system. The best part of this is the fact that not only is it good for you but it tastes incredible as well.

Bernardo Chua is a hard working man from the Philippines and has dedicated many years working in multi-level marketing. Bernardo Chua was set on making a healthy alternative to the liquid addiction called coffee. Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. With his hard work and dedication, the brand worked its way to the top.

Organo Gold has been very successful, in large part to Chua’s strategies. In fact, the brand won two People’s Choice awards! Bernardo himself and a couple of people from his company won prestigious awards! The company operates in over 35 countries nationwide. What is not to love about Organo Gold? It does your body good and comes in a beautiful package. Everyone else is jumping on the ride, you should as well.  If you’re still not convinced, watch Bernardo talk about his brand on YouTube.

Securus Technologies Wins a Major Court Battle

We can all agree that Securus Technologies fought a determined battle against FCC. A few days ago the US Court of Appeal stopped the FCCs on its track. Securus Technologies has been fighting the communication authority’s decision to cap interstate call rates. Securus Technologies are involved in a very delicate and sensitive sector. I believe that balancing the needs of civilians and detainees is not easy and needs specialized handling. I disagree with the FCC earlier reversed decision to recap call rates.

I am inclined to believe that the Court of Appeal reiterated sentiments aired by the company by granting two very important prayers. The court was of the view that FCC had no right in interfering with in mates call rates hence reversed FCC earlier decision. Sam Smith who is the CEO of Securus Technologies opined that the court of appeal saw through the malicious intent that was directed to their industry. He further stated some organizations which were consulted by the FCC were biased.

Smith was optimistic that their tussle with FCC was almost over. He added that there was an urgent need to dialogue and look for a better solution that would bring their stalemate to an end. Dialogue is always the best way out since every involved party would air their opinions. He observed that they have been at logger heads with the commission and the states for over 16 years.

I hold the opinion that Securus Technologies is a unique telecommunication company that provides inmate phone calls services to inmates. The company provides a very important link that connects inmates to their family and friends. It has provided secure and safe channels that filter any communication that will disrupt peace and security both inside and outside the prison facilities. Apart from their professionalism Securus Technologies is a major revenue earner employing over 1000 employees. Maintaining good business practices and ethics is the motto of the company. The company has heavily invested in providing state of the art communication services. Apart from offering voice calls inmates can use video link to chat with friends and family. How cool is that?

In order to continue offering unmatched and quality service the company enlisted John Bell. John Bell is telecommunication expert with years of experience. I think that the company is offering very affordable and competitive call rates. I am of the view that the company is interested in solving its dispute with FCC.

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Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the Securus, the product for nutrition on Amazon nor is it a part of the Securus America agency site.

Securus House is a safe place for victims of domestic violence and abuse and is also a separate entity.

Career Woman Helane Morrison Breaks Through Glass Ceiling

Helane Morrison has had a long career, and she is still building a very impressive resume. As a part of the executive team for Hall Capital Helane Morrison is still showing other females that they can rise above the barriers that have been placed upon them. There are a lot of females can attest to the glass ceiling in corporate America, but Morrison obviously has a hammer. She didn’t tap the ceiling. She broke through it completely with a hole big enough to inspire others to follow her footsteps.

Morrison has a degree in journalism, and she also has a degree in law. Morrison has managed to use her degrees to build a successful career. At one time she worked as a partner for the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She stayed here for a decade and honed her skills for upholding the law. As a partner Morrison would have a focus on business litigation. I think that all of this would prepare her for her next role. She was working with the SEC and investigating corporations when she was a partner. This would build great experience, and I know that had to be a great stepping stone for her next career move as the regional director for the SEC.

Helane has made herself well-known in the corporate industry, especially in the San Francisco area. She clearly stands as an example of a female that can still lead in a male-dominated industry. If one looks at her resume that can tell that she started small, but she managed to stay the course. She would take to investigating corporations early in her career and she would network and build relationships. Morrison, as far as I can tell, has to be good at her job. She was able to continue elevating in the areas of investigating and this eventually led to a compliance officer role.

Her time with the law firm paid off. Her time with the SEC paid off as well. Even in a male-dominated industry it is difficult to deny someone that has the skills to do the job effectively. Kathryn Hall didn’t hesitate to hire Morrison because Helane worked hard. She kept her head down and stayed passionate about her work. From her days as a partner at a law firm to now she has continues to do great things in corporate America. 

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Highlights of the Successes Registered by Marcio Alaor as a Leader at BMG

In an interview, Marcio Alaor, the vice president of BMG bank elaborated on the partnership of BMG bank with Banco Itau that resulted in the creation of Itau BMG Payroll. The partnership led BMG bank to drop bets that were to be offered to Bradesco or BTG. According to Marcio Alaor, BMG will continue operating in a similar way as it has always done with the new bank operating exclusively on discount lending in payroll. Additionally, Marcio Alaor noted that BMG made the decision to partner with Banco Itau because it made a good offer. The BTG and Bradesco offer involved total purchase. This information was reported on
The BMG bank executive was honored by his homeland San Antonio do Monte during the 33rd edition of the Holy Agricultural Exhibition. A food court was inaugurated under the name Marcio Alaor De Araujo. It was a fitting tribute to a man that has done so much in support of the city especially the rural sector. The exhibition park acts as the indicator of the relationship that Marcio Alaor has with his homeland as well as the connection with his countrymen that goes beyond the barriers of distance. The event to honor Marcio Alaor was attended by local officials including Vilmar Octavio, the president of the local union that monitored the event. They noted how important it was for the city to have the support of one of the top executives in Brazila as found on
In the event, Marcio Alaor was recognized for the attention he has given the city even in times of great challenges. It also acted as a reminder of what the region has in terms of its potential. Even without having a land that is favorable for agriculture, the municipality had become the largest milk producer. This had been achieved through the courage of the people in the fields and their collaboration with those that believe in the potential of the city despite of its challenges. When he rose to speak, Marcio Alaor pointed out that he was grateful to be honored while he was alive considering that many are honored when they are dead. This information was reported on
Marcio Alaor is a Santo Antonio do Monte native and is the current vice president of BMG bank. He is one of the top executives in Brazil. Recently, Marcio Alaor reported on the performance of Tag Heuer on the Brazilian market. Tag Heuer is a well-known leader in watch making with an experience of 150 years. According to Marcio Alaor, most of people that don the watches are celebrities and leading sports personalities. The watchmaker’s latest marketing deal involves leading United States sportsman, Tom Brady. Mario Alaor points out that the company will be successful in Brazil due to its marketing strategy and the passion of CEO, Jean-Cluade Biver, for the business. This information was originally reported on Mzweb and Marcio’s website.
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When a Man Does Many Things Well, I’ll Write About His Music

I’m writing about a man in the music world who has made a name for himself in many other different fields too, especially on the Twitter scene. This is due to his massive amount of work that he has put into developing these talents. Jon Urbana has created a legacy for himself that will last for many years.

One of the fields where Jon is most well known is in Villanova athletics. He has been able to excel in the game of lacrosse. He has been able to achieve some great FAA awards and move towards the type of career that he has really wanted in lacrosse. Starting a summer camp for other lacrosse players was a big goal of his that he was able to accomplish. This is something that has really solidified Urbana’s name in lacrosse for many years to come.

Jon Urbana also has many different skills when it comes to internet business. Urbana has a great deal of experience and success when it comes to fundraising. Jon has successfully helped to raise money for many different causes. He has also had a great deal of success in the world of business with his best endeavor being his lacrosse camp.

Jon Urbana has also had a great deal of success when it comes to his creative endeavors. He has been able to create a great mix of acoustic and electronic music. He has also spent a great deal of time expressing his talents with his camera. His photography and film skills only continue to grow as he spends more time developing these talents.


The Success of the Cleaning Product, Handy

In a recent article about the app, Handy, it addresses its success as well as the success of Oisin Hanrahan. The article explains how Handy, a DIY and cleaning service, is making it success by millions booking its service, demonstrating how it is continuing to find success. The creator, Hanranhan, discusses his success with his product, Handy, and how he originally came up with the idea.

The article begins by discussing how Hanrahan jumpstarted Handy with some friends from Harvard business school, during his first year at the school. By becoming a prestigious business, Handy now screens all of its applications before hiring anyone to become a professional cleaner. The article states how only 3 percent of applicants who apply, which ranges up to 750,000, become professional cleaners for Handy.

A better understanding of the cleaning service, Handy, provides some perspective to its increasing popularity. According to one website, the Handy app covers over 20 cities in North America, UK, and Canada. It provides the accommodation of paying for a cleaning service from your phone. Handy also allows for customers to make next day appointments. There is also the comfort of getting your money back if the service is not satisfying. Part of satisfying the customer, Handy also provides 24/7 customer service.

Furthermore, Handy’s services also provides: Home and office cleaning; pictures and shelves cleaning; installing air conditioners; moving help; mounting TV’s; painting; installation of knobs and locks; and plumbing and electrical services.

The Irish Times article about the success of Handy illustrates how popular they have become since Hanrahan created it. It is reported, according to the article, that Handy is worth over half a billion dollars, evident of how successful it is.

Beneful Provides That Healthy Dog Food Option

There are a lot other people out there that have become fans of premium dog foods. I know because I have been seeing a lot of people buying Beneful on Petco. It has become very prominent in my household because my daughters have dogs. This is what we buy for them on a regular basis. The variety is vast and growing. I believe that the growth comes from all the consumers that are eager to learn more about it. The Daily Herald has made note of the high quality dog food that is currently become the trendiest thing on the market. Tons of people have started ordering food like the Beneful Originals with real beef and the Beneful Prepared Meals because this is the healthy alternative. People look forward to acquiring those foods for their dogs because they know – without the shadow of a doubt – that they are getting healthy foods for their pets. Over they years this has become a lot more prevalent because the pet food industry has grown into an industry that is generating billions. I have seen the growth over they years because every time that I enter a pet store I see new brands. Beneful has become a strong leader in this pet food arena because this company got a head start. The various real meat blends are attracting more consumers to buy into the healthy alternatives. The Beneful creators  form Purina knew that this would draw a large number of customers. That may be why this company started creating healthy foods for pets a long time ago. Many consumers that have dogs are now going to look for the healthier brands because this is becoming newsworthy. People that were not informed are becoming well aware of the greatness that is associated with healthy dog food. That is what makes Beneful shine with consumers. People know that this is going to be beneficial to their pets in the long run. That is why there is an increased demand for this. Beneful continues to increase demand by staying innovative with a host of new healthy flavors for dogs.